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Important Update - Upcoming Volatility Expected
November 21, 2014

Please be informed that on 30th November 2014 there will be a Swiss referendum taking place. It is expected that this event could create extreme volatility and market gapping for the Swiss Franc (CHF). Therefor ICM Capital will closely monitor margin requirements in the weeks leading up to this event.


  1. Ensure you are aware of the margin requirements and stop-out levels on your MT4 account. Note, margin levels may be increased on some products, especially major CHF pairs.
  2. Adopt appropriate risk management by adjusting your position sizes and orders to cover your position during possible volatile market conditions
  3. Positions will be closed out in case of insufficient margin. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. If not, fund in good time to ensure positions are supported.

What will be voted for?
The live championship will commence on the 21st July and all the traders will compete for cash prizes until 6th September 2014.

  • The % of the country's gold reserves held with the Swiss National Bank and whether the Federal Reserve Bank of New York should return Switzerland’s reserves.
  • The abolition, or not, of the flat tax system which would require all resident and non-working foreigners to be taxed based on income and assets.
  • The proposal for limiting immigration to Switzerland to 0.2% per year in order to save on natural resources.
High volatility expected, please ensure to make the appropriate adjustments to your equity and/or positions before 30th November.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions. For more information about ICM Capital please email us at You can also contact us via telephone on +44 207 634 9770 or live chat

Wish you all the best with your trading!

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